Having Cents, Your Link to Savings

Having Cents, Your Link to Savings

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Having Cents Workshop June 28th

There will be a couponing class  Tuesday, June 28th, 6:30 pm in the Gonzales area. To find out more, you can contact us at havingcents@yahoo.com.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gas Discounts

Winn Dixie and CVS are offering incentives for gas.  Winn Dixie has partnered with Shell to offer cents off gallons of gas with a $50.00. CVS has partnered with Exxon Mobile to award  $10.00 gas cards for qualifying purchases. Combine your coupons with these purchases for more savings. I have gotten 2 cards in the past 2 weeks and will be using my fuelperks tomorrow!!!!

CVS Huge Savings Haul Today

With all of my ECBs and coupons today, I got all of this for $37.00.

10, 32 oz. powerades
3 windex
2 scrubbing bubbles
2 fantastik
2, 2 pack g2 pens
2 scotch packing tapes
3 met rx protein bars
1 bag power bar bites
2 large bags lays potato chip
4 pack  merlot wine, bare foot
1 colgate toothbrush

Sunday Coupon Preview