Having Cents, Your Link to Savings

Having Cents, Your Link to Savings

Couponing Basics

Saving big is not just about coupons, it is about using strategies (including coupons) to minimize the cost of what you buy. Using coupons and combining them with sale prices and store promotions will give you the advantage at the checkout line. But first, you must  be organized to insure your success.

By learning a few tricks you can become a successful coupon user. There are 3  keys to your success.
First, you have to have good sources to obtain lots of coupons. Secondly, you have to use an organizational system to house those coupons. Lastly, you must know the prices of the items you buy.
To learn how to organize coupons, go here
To make a price book go here
For coupon resources go here and here

Once you know the prices of the items you buy, you can use your  coupons when those items are on sale to maximize  your savings.
For more specific information go to http://www.couponmom.com/ and click the tutorial tab at the top to download the ebook. You can print it out and study it. Also on this site are videos that explain the system.

Another step in the path to savings is to know how to read a  weekly sale ad. This comes with knowing your store policies and how their promotions work. To learn store policies go here and look at the left column to find a listing of store policies.
More on getting a "system":
The great thing about learning to save while shopping is that you can use basic priniples and customize them for your needs. Everyone has a different budget and way of eating and shopping. By incorporating savings strategies into your weekly shopping, you can save at any store.

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